Business Plans Northwest is a consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington, that helps entrepreneurs with startup and emerging companies achieve success.

The firm focuses on:

  • development of comprehensive business plans
  • assistance in preparing to raise equity funding from angel investors

See the section on Services for details on the company’s offerings to entrepreneurs.

My Strengths as Your Business Plan Consultant


  • Competence – I offer a unique combination of strategic thinking skills,  business acumen, excellent writing ability, strong technical background, and  passionate support for entrepreneurs. In 2008 Business Plans Northwest was  selected as one of four “Preferred Business Consultants” for applicants in the  Research & Technology Development (RTD) Grant Program of the Washington  Technology Center
  • Experience – In addition to my business and managerial experience, I have  provided consulting services to startup and early stage businesses in the areas  of business plan development and review, market research studies, market  segmentation analysis, business feasibility and technology commercialization  studies, detailed financial projections, strategic planning, and executive  coaching.
  • Network – I have extensive and long-time connections with key  individuals in the Pacific Northwest entrepreneurial community,  including founders, executives, service providers, business educators, and  investors. I also serve on the advisory boards of several companies.
  • Community – I am an active volunteer and participant in many local  entrepreneurial organizations, including:

    • Member of the Screening and Coaching Committee of ZINO Society
    • Volunteer coach for presenters at regular Innovation Showcases presented by the  University of Washington’s Center for Commercialization (former called Office of Technology Transfer)
    • Regular presenter of Business Plan Workshops for members of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN)
    • Member of the Steering Committee for NWEN’s Early Stage Investment Forum annual event (2004 to 2008)
    • Member of the Steering Committee for NWEN’s Entrepreneur University annual educational event (since 2005) and Chair of the Steering Committee for 2008
    • Pitch doctor of NWEN’s First Look Forum
    • Volunteer judge in the Investment Round of the University of Washington CIE  Business Plan Competition (since 2005)
    • Volunteer judge for the University of Washington’s Executive MBA Program Business Plan Competition (since 2006)
    • Speaker at UW Science & Engineering Business Association (SEBA) and other student and entrepreneurial organizations
    • Guest speaker at the Seattle University Albers School of Business
    • Pitch coach for presenters at the Innovation  Showcase events sponsored by the UW Center for Commercialization
    • Education for prospective presenters at Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association events
  • Clients – I have great clients and I value the business relationships that I have built and continue to maintain. (See some of my client testimonials for my business plan consulting work.)
  • Team  Spirit – Clients will tell you that I check my ego  at the door and roll up my sleeves to become an active and contributing member of your executive team during our engagement.
  • My Commitment  to Your Success – I derive great personal satisfaction from “helping entrepreneurs succeed” and in helping you achieve your business and personal goals.

Experience and Education

Business  & Strategic Planning. Since 2000, I have written dozens of plans for almost every type of businesses in many industry sectors, and my clients have raised more than $20 million in angel funding. I also work on a continuing basis with small businesses to do collaborative strategic  planning, executive coaching, market research, business feasibility studies, and related activities.

Management. I have broad experience in management in a number of different roles. I have served as chief operating officer for a small venture capital firm,  and prior to that I managed software development projects, served as a project  manager for training and Web development projects, acted as an account manager  for the sale of online services, worked as a sales manager for software product sales. I have experience working with attorneys to help craft and negotiate  agreements regarding intellectual property, publishing, software licensing, and corporate securities.

Communications. I have a long history of creating clear and compelling written  communication, especially in the realm of explaining complex technical and business issues. I have written technical and marketing materials for companies  of all sizes; I have written scores of magazine articles and contributions to business books; I have created content for Web sites; and I am the author of two science/technology books. I am also an experienced and well-received speaker on technical and business subjects.

Technology. I have a wide background and interest in all areas of technology. After graduating from college with a minor in chemistry, I worked  or served at NASA, the U.S. Navy, Boeing, Microsoft and many small businesses, where I focused in the areas of aerospace engineering, computer science, software development, and online training technologies. I helped evangelize the adoption of CD-ROM technology in the late 1980s, speaking at many conferences, writing a book, and consulting with pioneering Compact Disc companies. My interest in astronomy led me to write another book on solar eclipses. In my work  with numerous high-tech companies in the last twenty years I have contributed to the design and development of innovative software products using leading-edge Internet technologies, and I was involved as the co-inventor for one patent application (patent pending).
I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, and have completed post-graduate courses in law, business, and psychology variously at the University of Florida, Ohio State University, and the University of Washington.

For more details on my work history, see my profile on LinkedIn.com.

If you have any questions about my qualifications or the services provided  by Business Plans Northwest, please contact me via phone in the Seattle,  Washington area at 206-527-3168 or via email at bryanb@bizplansnw.com.

I am glad to answer your questions and talk with you about your business needs and if appropriate,  schedule a time to meet in person in the Seattle area.