Entrepreneur Coaching

In addition to my business plan services, I also provide personal business coaching for entrepreneurs. This may be a good choice for business people who want to take advantage of my strategic skills, business experience, and network of contacts, but who do not currently need a complete business plan package.

In addition, I lead the twice-monthly meetings of Funding Quest, a coaching group for startup CEOs seeking angel financing.

As your personal business coach, I can help you:

  • clarify your goals
  • explore and analyze your business options
  • refine your market and business strategies
  • evaluate your financial projections
  • outline a plan for appropriate growth
  • identify and leverage financial resources
  • connect with potential partners and advisors
  • plan implementation steps

One of the most valuable benefits of this approach is to have an outside consultant evaluate the key aspects of your business, especially in the areas of market & product strategy, finance, and management.

  • I ask tough questions and give straightforward feedback, all with the idea of helping your business achieve success (as aligned with your goals).
  • I point out aspects of your business that perhaps you have missed.
  • I suggest alternatives that might not have occurred to you.
  • I give you a framework for evaluating strategies and making decisions.
  • I explain the specific rationale that supports my suggestions regarding strategy and decisions.

I am a natural networker and I know many entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, and other business people in the Seattle entrepreneurial community. When you become my client, I am glad to connect you with people I know who can help you or give you referrals to the right people and partners to grow your business.

Since 2008, I have served as an active member of the ZINO Society Coaching Board, which screens and coaches entrepreneurs who present to angels investors at ZINO events.

Contact me at bryanb@bizplansnw.com or 206-527-3168 to discuss how I coach entrepreneurs for success.

Coaching Testimonials

“As a bootstrapping business owner, you don’t need more great ideas – you need strategies that you can begin executing immediately. We came away from our day-long session with Bryan with clarity, focus, and a plan of action. Best of all, the strategies Bryan helped us develop didn’t cost us an arm and a leg to put in place. So we’re actually doing it. And it’s actually working.”
- Dan McComb and Lara Feltin, Biznik Co-founders

“Working with Bryan is terrific for the health and well-being of my company. His facilitation skills keep our team focused on the issue at hand, and his insight keeps us thinking on a strategic level. At the end of each session we have a concrete action plan that we’ve collaboratively developed that includes concrete and attainable next steps to move us towards our goal.”
- Nate Thompson, CEO, Cypress Consulting

“Bryan Brewer has been an important asset to our team, and has been of great benefit to our business with his expertise and experience. Bryan’s knowledge and direction have been invaluable, and we would not be as far along as we are today without his help.”
- Sarah Hartgraves, Five One Five Holdings, Inc

“Bryan Brewer is a ‘multi-dimensional’ coach. In the short few hours I spent with him, he helped me to grasp a deeper vision for the work that I do in new and profound, exciting ways! Thank you so very much for your inspiration and wisdom, Bryan.”
- Maria Hoaglund, author, The Last Adventure of Life

“We used Bryan for the first time for a business development planning meeting. Bryan helped us walk through the challenges of taking our marco concepts, analyzing their validity and applying a disciplined approach to creating a focused strategy and delineating tactics to accomplish our goals.”
- Sean Stewart, General Partner, Templum Capital/My Zip Service Corporation