Investor Pitch Makeover

Did you know that the most important factor in getting investor interest is the quality of your pitch? Angels are looking for great investment opportunities, but more importantly, they are looking for leaders who understand their business and can communicate it clearly and effectively.

Investors tell me time and again that most pitches they hear leave them cold…confused about what the business does or why they should invest. This is no surprise. Many entrepreneurs have never pitched before and few have actually been coached. I can guarantee that if you work with me, your presentation will stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how you benefit from my
Investor Pitch Makeover

  • Competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs raising money
  • Confidence in your delivery skills and presentation style
  • Assurance that your pitch tells investors what they want to hear … no more, no less

As my client, you also gain access to my network of contacts who can help you get funded.

Over the last ten years, I’ve helped my business plan clients raise more than $20 million in funding. My broad technology background (aerospace, multimedia, Internet) allows me to quickly grasp technical innovations. My experience as a book author, corporate trainer, and public speaker gives me the communication skills to craft a compelling pitch. And in my work with local entrepreneurial groups and on angel screening committees, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. In short, I know what angel investors are looking for, and I can help you give them what they want.

An Investor Pitch Makeover from Business Plans Northwest gives you everything you need to position your company for angel funding success:

  • Funding Strategy Review – An evaluation of all critical success factors that lead to angel investment, including market opportunity, business model, traction, go-to-market strategy, financial projections, board of advisors, deal terms, valuation, targeting of angel groups and investors, and more.
  • Compelling Story – A narrative that generates maximum investor interest in your business, including a bullet-point script for your presentation.
  • PowerPoint Slides – A set of professionally produced slides that complements and supports your verbal pitch.
  • Practice Sessions – One-on-one coaching – where you view video recordings of you giving your pitch – for critique and improvement of your delivery skills, including specific guidance on handling questions.
  • Executive Summary – A clear and concise description of your business in the one-page AngelSoft format used by most angel groups.

Pitch with Confidence!

Contact Bryan Brewer at or 206-527-3168 today to arrange for a free consultation about your investor pitch.

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