The ZINO Society is a premier organization of angel investors in the Pacific Northwest, headquartered in Seattle. In addition to facilitating angel funding for companies that present at ZINO Roundtables and industry focused forums ($19 million raised as of December 2011), the group hosts a variety of educational programs and social events where entrepreneurs and investors may meet and mingle.

  • Bryan Brewer is an active member of the Coaching Board of the ZINO Society, where he reviews applicant presentations and coaches entrepreneurs selected to present at ZINO investment forums.
  • Bryan Brewer  periodically presents Get Funded!: Winning Strategies for Courting Angel Investors, a half-day seminar where entrepreneurs seeking angel funding will discover a wealth of strategic and practical information.
    Check the ZINO Events Calendar for current information.

Business Plans Northwest is a proud sponsor of the Northwest  Entrepreneur Network (NWEN), a Seattle-based non-profit organization that offers a wide range of activities and programs focused on building the  entrepreneurial and venture community in the Northwest.

  • Bryan Brewer often serves in the role of “pitch doctor” for the finalists in NWEN’s First Look Forum held in the spring and fall in Seattle. This signature coaching program  and investment showcase features emerging companies who have not made any previous presentations to investment forums.
  • Bryan Brewer periodically presents the two-hour Business Plan Writing eIQ seminar for NWEN.  (Check the NWEN Event Calendar for scheduled future Business Plan Writing eIQ seminars.) See the video below for excerpts from the seminar held on April 1, 2010.

Excerpts from NWEN’s Business Plan Writing eIQ seminar presented by Bryan Brewer on April 1, 2010.