Business Plans Northwest provides a range of consulting services to help businesses, with a focus on companies in any of the following stages:

  • Startup companies developing their business plan
  • Startup and early stage companies raising angel investment
  • Emerging small businesses seeking expansion capital

Business Plans Northwest has experience working with clients in all industry sectors. Some of the specific services offered include:

Business Plan Writing

This service involves the creation of a custom set of business plan documents suitable for a company to use for raising investment capital, as well as for other purposes including debt financing, operational management, and communication with stakeholders. The primary deliverables include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Financial Projections
  • Business Plan
  • Investor Pitch

Business Plan Review

Writing a business plan is not easy. And maybe you’re stuck … or you’re not sure if you’re doing it right … or you just need someone to give you some honest feedback.

When you have Business Plans Northwest review your business plan, we’ll tell you what areas can be improved and specific suggestions to help you upgrade the plan.

In addition, we offer follow-on Business Plan Coaching to assist you in completing the plan on your own.

Financial Projections

Are you struggling with your financial projections? Let Business Plans Northwest create them for you. We will develop a complete set of Excel spreadsheets that cover the following:

  • Revenue modeling and forecasting
  • Detailed expenses and headcount analysis
  • Profit and loss statements for five years
  • Cash flow and balance sheets for each year

Your financial projections are custom built “from the bottom up,” based on industry standard metrics and key information you supply about your business. All assumptions are explicitly documented for easy review by an investor during the due diligence process.

Investor Pitch Review

Find out if your pitch has what it takes to effectively compete for angel investment dollars. In this two-hour intensive process, you will receive a critical assessment of:

  • The key business elements of your pitch
  • Your delivery of the presentation
  • The quality of the deal you are offering to investors
  • How your overall pitch compares to those of other entrepreneurs

Also included are specific recommendations for improving all aspects of your investor pitch.

Investor Pitch Makeover

An Investor Pitch Makeover from Business Plans Northwest gives you what you need to position your company for angel funding success:

  • Funding Strategy Review – An evaluation of all critical success factors that lead to angel investment.
  • Compelling Story – A narrative that generates maximum investor interest in your business.
  • PowerPoint Slides – A set of professionally produced slides.
  • Practice Sessions – One-on-one coaching to improve your delivery skills.
  • Executive Summary – A description of your business in the one-page AngelSoft format used by most angel groups.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Business Plans Northwest provides coaching services to entrepreneurs to help with specific issues involved in starting up and running a business. Topic areas for coaching cover all aspects of business, including business formation, strategic planning, product design and development, customer value propositions, market research & analysis, revenue models, branding, go-to-market strategy, hiring, team building, financial management, and raising capital.