Business Plan Review

If  you’ve already written your business plan and want to make it better, then a  business plan review may be best suited for you. Bryan Brewer will  review your business plan documents and provide a written evaluation followed  by a personal consultation (by phone or in person) about your plan’s good  points as well as all areas that could benefit from improvement.

The evaluation  and consultation will include specific suggestions to help you upgrade the plan  on your own. Areas covered in the business plan review include:

  • Overview assessment of the proposed business model, including revenue model and sales & marketing strategies
  • Identification  of weak or missing components of the plan, and proposed fixes
  • Suggestions  for strengthening the plan’s appeal to your target investors
  • Evaluation of the financial projections
  • Comments  on the clarity of written and graphical communication
  • Review of the organization, format, and length of the plan

As a follow on service, business  plan coaching can be a particularly cost-effective way for an entrepreneur  to achieve high quality results in creating an investor-ready business plan.  Coaching covers all aspects of business plan creation, including:

  • Business strategy
  • Business plan contents
  • Business plan format
  • Financial projections
  • Technical and content review
  • Investor readiness assessment

Contact Bryan Brewer at or 206-527-3168  to discuss your business plan review and coaching needs.