“Bryan was instrumental in Tilting Motor Works being chosen as a finalist and winning the Best Presentation award in the 2010 ZINO Marketplace Investment Forum. Bryan was extremely helpful in creating a PowerPoint slide deck that was able to convey the essence of my business in a way that was very concise and clear.  Bryan took an active interest in my business and I got a real sense that Bryan was doing everything possible to help me succeed.”
– Bob Mighell, CEO, Tilting Motor Works, Marysville, WA

Click the Play button on the video below to see the testimonial from Carole Spangler, Seattle Sensor Systems

“I have been absolutely delighted working with Bryan Brewer. He quickly grasped my business model, and then strategically improved upon it by broadening the scope of the opportunity. He partnered with me to put together a pitch, both the slide deck and the narrative. Practice sessions were recorded, reviewed, and discussed. While a little painful, this was a great way for me to ‘see’ what I was doing – both good and bad.”

“My first pitch was voted the ’Best Investment Opportunity’ and I was also a finalist for the fund award at the 2010 Zino Life Seattle. Bryan has an innate understanding of what an opportunity needs to look like, in order to attract an angel investor. He understands the time constraints of an early-stage entrepreneur, flexing his schedule to meet deadlines. He has a calm and supportive style, and is able to deliver criticism in a way that is constructive and non-threatening.”

“It has been invaluable to have an informed and knowledgeable second set of eyes to look at my applications. Access to his talent should be considered a necessity for anyone wishing to speed their pathway to early funding.”
- Carole  J. Spangler, PhD, MBA, CEO, Seattle Sensor Systems

“It was well worth it to hire an expert like Bryan.  His solid, well-organized business plan was key in helping us get $3 million in Series B funding.”
- Kerry Martin, CEO, CodeCorrect, Inc., Yakima WA

“The business plan, financial projections, and investor presentation that Bryan Brewer created for Magic Wheels, Inc. have been very well-received. In fact, the Company’s $1.65 million common stock offering has been oversubscribed in only its first two months. He demonstrated keen insight into our specific business model, and in particular he created a chart illustrating our complex dealer network, which has been very helpful in explaining our business to prospective investors. Bryan was easy to work with, met all the deadlines, was glad to revise the documents until we got them right, and was a great contributor to the success of our company’s first offering.”
- Steve Meginniss, CEO, Magic Wheels, Inc., Seattle WA

“I was posed with the impossible task of creating a business plan within one week for a potential investor meeting. After procuring Mr. Brewer’s services, not only was the ‘impossible’ task now made possible, but we received substantial funding with our first negotiating attempt. Thank you Bryan for making the impossible, not just possible, but probable.”
- Derek J. Dugan, Sr. Vice-President & Director of Operations, Bizzy  Bee Educational Products, Inc., Little Rock AR

“Bryan of Business Plans NW has the gift of sorting through all of the many complexities and elements of your business proposal to determine the factors critical to success. For an aspiring entrepreneur, he helps you to identify the most important next steps so that you may spend your precious time on what matters most. Although I have run a company for the past two decades, his expertise in getting new companies off the ground was instrumental to the start-up of my new venture.  I recommend contacting Bryan now if you want to save time and create more value for your enterprise.”
- Callie Ridolfi, Managing Director, ecoFAB, Seattle WA

“As a bootstrapping business owner, you don’t need more great ideas – you need strategies that you can begin executing immediately. We came away from our day-long session with Bryan with clarity, focus, and a plan of action. Best of all, the strategies Bryan helped us develop didn’t cost us an arm and a leg to put in place. So we’re actually doing it. And it’s actually working.”
- Dan McComb and Lara Feltin, Biznik Co-founders

“Bryan Brewer’s combination of business acumen and experience dealing with the local business and investor community gives him the unique ability to understand your business and help you communicate your business plans and get traction in the startup community. In addition, his writing is beyond spectacular. It’s clear, concise and engaging … and remarkably easy to read. I highly recommend Bryan to anyone and everyone who needs help producing a fundable business plan or coaching to deliver a great business presentation.”
- Frank Redmond III, CEO, Redmond Experimental Corp., Issaquah WA

“Thank you for your work with our business plan. I was impressed with how quickly you assimilated the information and overlayed it with your experience of what sells. Your comments were the best among the several individuals I asked for input on how to improve our plan. After writing, rewriting, and then revising the rewritten versions, it’s nice to receive a fresh, insightful perspective. Great work.”
- Eric Hayashi, President & CEO, LabConnect LLC, Columbia MD

In addition, here’s a more recent quote about Bryan Brewer by Eric Hayashi, published in the 2006 membership brochure of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network:
“I had the good fortune at one workshop to meet another NWEN member who helped us tighten up our business plan. We have already raised $1.8 million for our life sciences venture as a result.”
- Eric Hayashi, President & CEO, LabConnect LLC, Columbia MD

“Dear Bryan,
I wanted to write you this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your work in the development of my business plan. From the initial phone call and meeting through post-plan with updates and changes, your work has been superb.”

“As all business people are concerned with the wise spending of money and with a little apprehension to spend such a sum for your services, I can now say the investment was wise and so far a great return on my investment. You truly delivered what was promised …”
- R. Brent Gunderson, CEO, Pacific Solar Supply, Inc., Portland OR

“If you are considering writing a business plan, don’t waste your time and money using the latest business plan software. Hire Bryan Brewer. Bryan offers more than just good writing. He has the ability to help you find the weakest areas of your business and help strengthen them. We knew that we had a great opportunity in a market that was not very exciting. Bryan helped us to convey this opportunity in terms investors could relate to.”

After completing our business plan with Bryan, the initial feedback from Series A investors is that this is one of the best plans they have ever read. I have every confidence that Bryan has increased our ability to close our series A round successfully.”
- Adam Rivas, CEO, AV Capture ALL, Inc., Yelm WA

“Bryan was able to take our dream of building a next-generation ESPN for amateur sports and make it reality on paper. Whatever happens from here on out can be attributed to the leadership Bryan brought to my team in clarifying my company’s vision, and in enabling us to take the necessary steps to execute. I recommend Bryan to anyone and everyone who needs their business plan to be  funded”.
- Chris McCoy, CEO/Founder, A to Z Sports, Inc., Seattle WA

“Bryan came in and helped shape, develop, and plan my abstract ideas. He spent a lot of time working with me and working out the details of my plan with consultants and attorneys. I walked away from the experience with an incredible and viable business plan. He was informative, supportive, and educational in his work with me. I would highly recommend Bryan to anyone who is looking for help writing a business plan.”
- Megan Murphy, CEO, Artocracy Inc., Spokane WA

“Thanks, Bryan, for taking my rough ideas and delivering a clear, well-crafted business plan that is both understandable and compelling. Your help in realigning the revenue model has given me the credibility I need to confidently represent my company to potential corporate partners and investors.  I also appreciate your providing industry contacts, who proved critical for validating the core value proposition.”
- Paul Willms, Founder and CEO, Erudite Systems LLC, Everett WA

“Bryan collaborated with our management and became a part of our team during the course of the business plan creation. Even months after the end of the process he was still involved in helping us to be successful. His assistance was invaluable in creating a polished and complete business plan.”
- Glenn Walker, CEO, WhiteTie Inc., Seattle WA

“Bryan is very professional and easy to work with. He was very skilled in helping us focus our strategy, and he backed it up with the right details in the document. I love his clear writing style — we’ve received so many compliments on the business plan.”
- Jaimee Wolf, CEO, Xicat Interactive, Ft. Lauderdale FL

“Bryan Brewer creates executive summaries like no one I have ever seen. He has helped me on many occasions to turn a good idea into a GREAT plan that gets the attention of the investment community.”
- Pat Dane, CEO, Dane Interactive, Inc., Wilmington NC

“Mr. Brewer was a great mix of talent in writing our business plan. His intuitive business sense, English language prose, and understanding of the technology industry all contributed to an incredible experience and final product.”
- Steve MacDonald, CEO, Beyond360, Inc., Bellevue WA

“Dear Bryan – I appreciate the quality work you performed for Klever Marketing in the construction and development of our current business plan. Your perspective and ability to give a ‘fresh look’ to an old document was outstanding. Also, your responsiveness to new information and additions/changes made it possible for Klever to have a document we are proud of and which is receiving many accolades.”
- Corey Hamilton, CEO, Klever Marketing, Inc., Salt Lake City UT

“We retained Bryan early this year for assistance with our business plan.  Needless to say, his work was exemplary.”
- Craig Goebbel, President, Financial Technologies-LoanTek, University Place WA

“Over the many years I’ve watched Bryan work, his pragmatic execution in business development has consistently produced results. His attention to the details of a business plan, built on years of operational experience, virtually ensures the success of the plan once it is in the hands of a management team.”
- Mitch Ratcliffe, CEO, BigGarden Ventures LLC, San Francisco CA

“Bryan has a strong analytical approach and a unique ability to clearly communicate complex ideas via the written word. He has a true team-oriented approach and provides timely project turnaround.”
- Michael Kuehner, Managing Director of Interactive Products Group, Ernst & Young LLP, Seattle WA (currently Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cognition Partners, Bellevue WA)

“Working with Bryan is terrific for the health and well-being of my company.  His facilitation skills keep our team focused on the issue at hand, and his insight keeps us thinking on a strategic level. At the end of each session we have a concrete action plan that we’ve collaboratively developed that includes concrete and attainable next steps to move us towards our goal.”
- Nate Thompson, CEO, Cypress Consulting

“Bryan Brewer has been an important asset to our team, and has been of great benefit to our business with his expertise and experience. Bryan’s knowledge and direction have been invaluable, and we would not be as far along as we are today without his help.”
- Sarah Hartgraves, Five One Five Holdings, Inc

“Bryan Brewer is a ‘multi-dimensional’ coach. In the short few hours I spent with him, he helped me to grasp a deeper vision for the work that I do in new and profound, exciting ways! Thank you so very much for your inspiration and wisdom, Bryan.”
- Maria Hoaglund, author, The Last Adventure of Life

“We used Bryan for the first time for a business development planning meeting. Bryan helped us walk through the challenges of taking our marco concepts, analyzing their validity and applying a disciplined approach to creating a focused strategy and delineating tactics to accomplish our goals.”
- Sean Stewart, General Partner, Templum Capital/My Zip Service  Corporation